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J.F. Lowe

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Broken Love

Coming in 2020!

Some people say you only have one true love in life, well, I call bullshit. True love is when you are true to yourself, them and are still completely and utterly in love with them. But the problem lies in finding someone you can give your full self to and it’s hard especially when the example you had watched your entire life is that of anti-love. My parents. My mother married my step-father when I was three because he was stable, safe and sex. Not that I really want to think about that last part... eww.

Anyway, it’s pretty safe to say, I don’t think my mother ever truly loved the man I called my dad and that made believing in love hard to do. So, I decided that love was for idiots. Boy was I wrong.
Jump forward twenty five years and now that I’m older and can I think about it with a bit more experience in life, maybe love isn’t so bad. Maybe, just maybe, love has purposes, some lessons. Lessons about myself, others about life, men and sex.

The other thing I learned is as I have gotten older, love is more realistic and that while love isn’t easy, some times Broken Love can pave the way to finding the one.

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Coming in 2020!