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Copy of Protecting Her Innocence

To be released 2nd July 2019

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First, it was stolen from me, then I had the fight of my life for it.

They say 'truth is stranger than fiction' in my case truth is more like a Stephen King novel meets Eyes Wide Shut and just when you think you hit rock bottom, life decides it's not finished with you yet.

Novel: Based on a True Story

Memories are something that each person has their own, and no two people have the same memory of the same event or period of time. Does that it mean that one is a lie?

Kayla's first memories aren't of a favourite toy, a song or even a birthday party. Hers were those of "our special game", the game that at eight years old, should never be played. A game that changes her life and shapes who she becomes. A game where innocence is on the line and something that she had to continue to fight for two decades later.

**Trigger warning - This book has content warnings for rape, assault and adult content. Suitable for mature audiences**

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