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Connor (Love Games - Novella)

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 "Connor - Love Games Novella" puzzle!

Life is supposedly a roller coaster that you ride but darn I wish it came with a manual like Adulting 101 but it doesn’t. At eighteen I started two apprenticeships, the first in life and the other in construction. It’s just lucky for me that on my first day on the job, I met my best friend for life. 

The only problem I had was years down the track and I met the love of my life. His girlfriend! For the first time in my adult life, I am jealous. There is just something about her.  Something that made me jealous of anyone who had Sarah’s attention. I wanted it. All of it. Not having made me feel cold, an empty shell of how it felt to bask in the glow of her smile. My god damned cock sprang to life just thinking about her.  It didn’t matter what else happened in my life, I needed Sarah in it. Sure Matthew is my best mate but I am completely an utterly in love with Sarah and I will do anything absolutely anything to keep her in my life even if it means I have to stay at arm's length.

For all these years, I kept my love for Sarah a secret. After stood beside Matthew as he married her, I thought I’d forever be a bridesmaid to love but who would have thought one phone call could change it all. Second place doesn’t cut it anymore, so when they say ‘You can't have your cake and eat it too’ well, I decided f#@k them. It’s time I got my just desserts. 

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Reaching for her waist, I pull her to me, tracing the contour of her mouth while pushing her against the wall. Opening her lips, I slip my tongue inside, tasting her sweetness. There’s no restraint in her kiss as she presses her soft curves against me. My palm slides to her breast, cupping it over her bra. Needing to feel her soft skin in my hand, I make quick work of unclasping her bra and pushing her straps and her dress down, revealing her breasts. I break off the kiss, drinking in her bare skin, her puckered nipples calling to me. I press both breasts together with my hands, coaxing her peaks with my thumb and mouth.


My name sounds perfect in her mouth. I lure a moan out of her, and I suddenly become greedy for more sounds of pleasure. I could watch her slowly come apart all day long. When I get back from my trip, that’s exactly what I plan to do. Right now, I will give her another taste of what I plan to do to her. 

Dropping my hand to her thigh, I cinch her dress up to her waist, groaning as I caress her over her thong. It’s soaked through. Goose bumps appear over the delicate skin on her arms. I push the fabric aside, touching her slick flesh. She swallows hard, but that doesn’t stop me. Her eyelids flutter closed, and I tighten my grip on her waist.  

“Don’t close your eyes,” I say with a growl. Biting her lips, she looks up at me with wide eyes. When I touch her clit, she fists my shirt. When I pinch it between my fingers, her legs quiver, which gives me immense pleasure. I loved feeling her come apart today, now I want to see her. As I caress her tender spot, I watch her breath quicken, her pupils dilating. She clenches around me as I slide a finger inside. I want her like this, always. I don’t know where the thought came from, but I know it’s true. Nothing ever felt as right as being with her does. I want her smiling and laughing for me, and I want her panting underneath me.