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Ever wondered what happens behind the closed doors of Australia's most exclusive BDSM club, Highclere. Well, the Doms and subs of Highclere let loose and share some of their most intimate moments just for you. 

With this massive bundle, clocking in at over 100,000 words, you won’t have to look any further to get your kinky fantasy fix!  

At Highclere, we accept people for who they truly are and embrace all those in the lifestyle. Most importantly we keep it sane, safe and consensual.

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Master of Consequences

Warmly ensconced in bed for the night, I was surprised when I felt him slip under the covers beside me. I hadn’t expected Master home until much later, and possibly not until morning. His best friend’s bachelor party was supposed to go all night.

“Home so soon?” I murmured. “That wasn’t much of a rager.”

“Some people stayed out,” he answered, clearly a little tipsy, “but it was getting stupid. I wanted to come home to my girl…”

His hand slipped under my tank top, making a beeline for my nipples. I sighed and squirmed under his gentle caresses.

“Oh… that feels… mmm…”

With only a slight hesitation, he nuzzled my neck.

“Is this okay?” Master asked. “I don’t want to wake you all the way up if you’re too sleepy.”

“No, it’s not that, it’s… just…” I bit my lip, not wanting you to stop, but I knew I had to confess.

“Just what, kitten?”

“Well, I… um… didn’t think you’d be home, so I… um, kind of maybe… made myself come… um, twice. Earlier.”

With a light chuckle, Master sighed, but didn’t stop his hand. My relief was short-lived.

“Twice? Tsk… such a naughty, naughty girl,” he chastised.

“I know, I’m sorry…” 

As he slid his hand out from under my shirt, and I involuntarily let out a little whimper.

“Now, now. No whining, my naughty girl,” he teased. “Tell me more about making yourself come.”

“Um… what do you want to know?”

“Where were you?”

I blushed, knowing that since he’d started asking questions, I’d be expected to divulge all sorts of salacious details.

“In the living room… on the couch.”


Master turned on the lamp next to the bed, bathing us in soft, low light, and pulled back the covers, letting in a slight chill. My nipples hardened, visible through the thin fabric of my tank top. Ogling my body, clad in the tank top and pajama shorts, he gently caressed my arm with his fingertips.

“Is this what you were wearing?” he smirked.

“Y-yes,” goosebumps peppered my skin. “And my long, grey cardigan.”

“I see. And why were you touching yourself? Did you watch porn, dirty girl?”

“Um… not exactly?”

You laughed as your fingers made their way down the outside of my thigh.

“Not exactly.”

“I was looking for something to watch, and there was this, um, old movie on…”


“And, um… there were, some scenes, that were, um… really naughty… and I got really turned on.”

Master raised an eyebrow, which was enough for me to understand that I was to describe the scenes, vividly.

“It was on a navy base, and there was a women’s shower room… and two of the guy soldiers had made a peephole… they, um, spied on the women. Watching them… soap themselves up, hands all over their naked bodies… dropping things and bending over… their huge boobs jiggling when they lathered their hair with shampoo…” 

“And you loved that, didn’t you, dirty girl?” I nodded and you smirked. “Of course you did. I know how much you love bouncing breasts.”

Driving his point home, Master cupped one of my breasts, gently bouncing it up and down. I bit my lip again and accidentally whimpered.

“You love it,” he chuckled.  I could only nod in agreement. “What was the second scene - the one that made you touch yourself again, my dirty, insatiable girl?”

“Well, um… I had kind of dozed off, and when I woke up… One of the female recruits had done something wrong, and um… Her superior officer had found her in bed, and he was scolding her, and… um, with another soldier standing there watching, he made the woman roll over on her stomach, pull her pants and panties down to her ankles, and then he spanked her naked ass, with his belt. 

“You liked watching that, you wished it was you. It made you wet, didn’t it kitten?”

I flushed, lowering my lashes. “Y-yes… it did.”

 “Show me how you touched yourself.”

Whimpering louder this time, I did as I was told, sliding my hand under the elastic waistband of my shorts. Lightly caressing my clit, I moaned and squirmed under his gaze. As he teased me again about being such an insatiable girl and rubbed his finger along my parted lips. I opened my mouth for you, ready to suck on his command… 

Instead, he chuckled and took his finger away.

“That’s enough fondling yourself, you greedy girl. Surely you’ve had enough orgasms for one night?”

I obediently removed my hand, but then shrugged with a small smile.

“Maybe? …What do you think?”

Laughing again, Master shifted and propped himself up a little higher.

“I think you need to punished, for being an impatient, ravenous kitten. Don’t you agree?” 

“Yes, I agree…”

“You agree that you…?”

“I agree that I need to be punished.”

Insisting that the punishment fit the crime, Master instructed me to roll over on my stomach. As soon as I obeyed, he pulled down my pyjama shorts until they languished around my ankles.

“It didn’t sound like she had her breasts out while she was spanked, did she?” his voice stern with a warning.

“No, she didn’t,” I answered.

“Hmm… But you did get yourself off twice, so you probably need a little extra punishment. Prop yourself up on your forearms.”

I followed Masters orders and was rewarded me by pulling down the straps of my tank top until my naked breasts were fully exposed. Knowing how much I loved having Master play with and torture my nipples, but only treated me to a few, all too brief pinches. Then he simply left them there on display, for his enjoyment. Prolonging my torment, Master pulled the thin film of underwear down to my mid-thighs, before standing to assess his handiwork.