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Jealous - Not Me!

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I’ve never been the jealous guy, I’ve always gotten what I want, and if it’s not freely available to me, I’ve taken it for my own without apology. It’s funny I can tell already that you think I’m an arrogant arse and you are mostly right. My name is Lincoln Forrest and I’m Australia’s wealthiest mining magnate, and I’m use to getting everything that I want because everything comes at a price, including people.  

What you don’t know is that the moment I saw her, I knew that she was made for me. Her body, mind and soul purposely build for me. Made for my pleasure. She doesn’t know it now, but it won’t be long, and she will be mine forever.  So am I jealous that her pipsqueak geologist husband stands beside her? No. Am I jealous that she’s laughing at his pathetic joke about a rock fact? No. Am I jealous that she wears his ring? NO!

Jealous - Not Me! I’m not that guy. I get what I want, and I want Madeline James and I’ll do absolutely anything to have her.




Colouring In




“Don’t.” A tear slipped down my cheek. 

“Do you love him?” He gripped my hip. 

“Don’t lie to me.” My voice caught in my throat, and I couldn’t answer. But the truth was in my eyes, because he tensed and bared his teeth. He closed his eyes, his jaw tight. 

“That’s what I thought.” When he opened his eyes again, he was gone. Only wrath remained. 


“Shut up.” He gripped my throat.

I struggled, trying to buck him off, fighting and kicking. He was too strong. His body pinned me, and he squeezed my throat, stopping my air. I scratched at his face. 


He grabbed a handful of my hair with his other hand and yanked until I thought he’d tear it out. I still fought, refusing to give in.